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La Crosse's Best Towing Truck Fleet

Dealing with a broken-down vehicle can be quite stressful, especially if your finances are tight. With the possibility of having to buy a new car, you can't spare any expenses. Overtime Towing LLC aims to provide you with convenient services at affordable prices so you don't have added stress to the heavy predicament you're in already.

Get Into Your Car

Have you accidentally locked your keys in the car? Instead of calling a pricey locksmith to come out and help you, call Overtime Towing LLC instead. We have much lower prices, especially since locksmiths usually charge an emergency fee. We also dispatch help much quicker than locksmiths do. We'll make sure you're safely on your way before we leave the premises.
Loading broken car on a tow truck by the roadside in West Salem

Safe Towing

We at Overtime Towing LLC are proud of the fleet of tow trucks that we have, so we constantly maintain them in order to always provide the best service possible. This also ensures that when we tow your vehicle, it's done in the safest circumstances and everyone's safe and sound.

Property Cleanup

That eyesore of a junk car may be annoying to have around, especially if it's taking up valuable space in your lot. Let Overtime Towing LLC take a load off your shoulder and tow the vehicle to another lot, so your space is cleaned up and free for other vehicles to park in.
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